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While I am temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor’s orders, I am offering Virtual Boudoir Sessions to past clients and clients that have a session booked with me.

If you would like to have a session but have not scheduled your full boudoir experience, don’t hesitate, schedule now for the fall and do your virtual now.  Call/TXT/DM/IM me.

What is a virtual session?

A virtual session is one that is done in your own home (or where ever you may be).  You’ll use a mobile device (or even a computer) and we’ll zoom or facetime or another platform to take the pictures.

Virtual Boudoir Session HOW DOES THIS WORK??
Once we’ve scheduled your date and time, I’ll send you a link that you will use when it’s time for your session. Upon signing in you will see me and I will see you! It’s time to get started! I will have you take me on a walkthrough of your space so I can see where the light is and how it shows up with your device (you can use a laptop, iPad or phone – the phone works best!) (To get the best result, use the best camera on the phone, not the selfie side).  Then, I will instruct you with where to prop up your device ( I recommend having a phone stand, portable stool, or something sturdy to lean your device against – get creative!) At that point, I will direct you on where and how to pose, use vocal commands and gestures and as a last resort, showing you the exact pose from my side of the world! (Ah! the powers of technology) When you are posing, I will be “taking shots” just like I do in the studio – it’ll be a little slower and with less clicking sounds. We will work our way through your space trying a bunch of different poses, styles, etc. and at the end of your session, I will edit your images with a little flair (because we all know screenshots aren’t yielding us high end- large format images) and send you a dropbox folder of 10 digital images that are yours to do whatever you want! WHAT DO I WEAR?
Whatever you want, but I recommend wearing something that suits the environment that we will be shooting in. If it is a bedroom, any lingerie, nude, or comfy clothes will work.  If in a bathroom/shower, we can do a towel on your head and nudes – if outside, a swimsuit or cute outfit will work. Literally, anything you want is perfect.  This is a fun shoot, so let’s do it!! MY HOUSE IS NOT PHOTO-WORTHY, WHAT DO I DO?
Let me be the judge of that…you’d be surprised..haha.  We don’t need a lot of space and remember, the camera does not get everything and I can always crop 😉 All we need to for beautiful images is a bed, couch or chair, a blank wall, and a window – everything else is just a bonus. Literally anything and everything works! We can photograph in tubs or shower, bedrooms, offices, porch, swimming pools, closets – LITERALLY anywhere. It doesn’t matter if there are things in the background…we can work around it. DOES THIS TAKE THE PLACE OF A REGULAR SESSION WITH YOU?
This is in addition…until we can get back in the studio.  It is a temporary solution and is only here for a limited time.  It will never take the place of a FULL experience, which is why it is only being offered to past clients and those that have booked a FULL experience.  The FULL experience is in the studio with professional hair & makeup, up to a 2-hour session, the ability to wear whatever you want from our client closet with a variety of awesome pieces, and of course, high-quality images that are worthy of displaying in your home and in a luxury album to remind you for years of just how badass and fabulous you are.

If you have any questions, please email me at or text me at 757-748-1672.  Check out my work on FB and IG


Easy to reserve! Just get in touch with me.


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