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Feeling beautiful and sexy is every woman's dream. These women are just like you and they decided to take a break from their daily lives and enjoy themselves.

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Having a boudoir experience with Hampton Roads Boudoir photographer Hillary West is like no other. You may be thinking, not me, no way, I could never do that. Every woman can and should experience this...come check it out

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Hillary West Boudoir has a private, women only exclusive Facebook group. If you are thinking about a boudoir session or have had the boudoir experience, join the group to talk and ask questions that you can’t on public pages. You will get to see sneak peeks of sessions and get up to date information of what is going on at Hillary West Boudoir. Stay active and you’ll get exclusive member deals! Come on over!

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"Helping all women, no matter age, size, or shape feel sexy and confident by creating shameless artwork while enjoying an empowering and satisfying experience."

Hi!  I am Hillary! Six years ago, I discovered this thing called boudoir photography and I knew I needed to be a part of helping others with my camera.


I am a wife, a mom to three girls, and I feel like I live out of my car some days!  Once I noticed that I always made sure everyone else was taken care of first, I knew I needed something for me.  We all want to feel and look beautiful. I felt the same. And it wasn't until I stepped out from behind my camera and got in front of it that I found that piece of me. And I looked amazing! I want that for you. I want you to remember why your spouse fell in love with you at first sight, why your children see your inner beauty shine through the yoga pants and messy hair. I photograph women of every shape and size. We are all gorgeous! We just need the reminder. And who doesn't LOVE a day of pampering?!?


My promise is to help you feel confident, capable, beautiful, and your own priority!

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Hillary laughing
Hillary by Teri
Want to know more about the best damn boudoir photographer in Hampton Roads?

I Would Love to Help with Your Experience and Journey of being imperfectly perfect. You are Beautiful!

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