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Welcome to Hillary West Studios!

The Best Boudoir Photographer for Intimate Photography

Specializing in Boudoir Photography, where passion, empowerment, and artistry come together to celebrate the beauty and confidence of all women.  If you're looking for something a little more conservative but still want to find your wild side, then Hillary is the photographer for you.  You will not find any snakes or other animals in the studio.  Just you, Hillary and her camera.

Meet Hillary West

Hillary West is not just a boudoir photographer; she's a wife, a devoted mother to three beautiful daughters, and the loving owner of two golden retrievers and three cats. Her journey into the world of boudoir photography began in 2015 when she discovered the transformative power of stepping in front of the camera herself.

A Personal Empowerment Journey

Having experienced the exhilarating feeling of empowerment that a boudoir session can bring, Hillary is on a mission to help every woman feel that same radiant confidence. She knows that embracing your unique beauty and sensuality is a transformative experience, one that can leave you feeling strong, beautiful, and self-assured.

Photographing All Women

Hillary West believes that beauty knows no boundaries, and her camera lens is open to women of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and ages. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, surprising a loved one, or simply honoring your own self-worth, Hillary is here to create a safe, comfortable, and empowering space where you can express your individuality.

Our Approach

At Hillary West Boudoir Photography, we prioritize your comfort, privacy, and self-expression. Our studio is equipped with the finest lighting and props, ensuring that your boudoir session is a personalized work of art that reflects your unique personality and style.

Join Us on This Empowering Journey

Discover the art of self-love, confidence, and empowerment through boudoir photography with Hillary West. Book your session today, and let us help you unveil the radiance within. Contact us for a consultation or explore our portfolio to see how we celebrate the strength and beauty of all women.

Join Hillary West Boudoir Photography in embracing the extraordinary beauty of every woman, one photograph at a time.

Meet the Team

We are a very small boudoir photography team.

Hillary West

Founder & CEO and all the other letters...and badass female boudoir photographer

Not only do I love to take boudoir photographs and photography, I LOVE TAKING SELPHIES!

My husband, Bryan, always gives me a funny look, but he loves them too 😉💯

Hillary West taking a selfie.

Krystle Kelhoffer

Hair and Makeup Artist

Taking care of all your beauty needs!

I even got in front of Hillary's camera.  She is so awesome!  You should give it a try.


Want to schedule a complementary consult and learn what it's all about?  Hillary typically does her consults in the studio so you get in a chance to see where you'll be shooting and can get comfortable with the surroundings.  Boudoir photography is extremely intimate and they want you to be as comfortable as possible.  I you're just looking for additional information, Hillary does offer phone and zoom consults.  Just fill out the form below and Hillary will be in touch to schedule that consult.  She like's it to be personal, so she'll be the one texting you back.  From the beginning, Hillary is there for you!