Viviana’s Boudoir Experience

1. What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session? 

– I decided to book a boudoir session because I wanted to feel confident in my post-baby body and be able to look back on it when I am older 

2. What made you choose Hillary West Studios?

-I chose Hillary West by how comfortable she made me feel and how body positive encouraging she was despite me not having a “Instagram model” body

3. What were you nervous about going into your session? 

-I was nervous that I wouldn’t know how to pose or that I wouldn’t like how the pictures turned out… not due in any way to how she captured me but because of how I viewed myself.

4. What was your favorite part of the experience? 

-My favorite part was letting go of the fear of my biggest insecurities being photographed and embracing my body and all of its flaws and seeing the beauty in myself. And the Angel wings!!!!

5. How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?

– I feel so confident. I love how the photos turned out and I look back at them when I am feeling insecure about my body

6. Would you recommend Hillary West Studios to others? 

-Yes, absolutely 

7. What advice would you give to women interested in doing a session?

– Do a boudoir session! Find clothing that suits YOUR body and that YOU feel comfortable and beautiful in. You will look back at it and love yourself