6 Boudoir photographers spend the night together in Seattle

A month ago, I made a decision.  I wanted to learn more.  Not because I don’t know what I am doing, but because I always want to grow, change and find the tools to create the most amazing images for my clients.  I gave it words.  I put it out into the universe.  And you know what happens when you do that, right?  I was accepted into Denise Birdsong's Stripped Down Workshop to learn more about emotion in my photography.

On the same day, I heard about a space that was available at a workshop that I had wanted to sign up for 4 months earlier.  But the workshop was 3 weeks from then.  I called my husband and said, “Can we make this happen?”  His response was simply, “Yes.”  Workshop booked.  Flight booked.  Lodging for my first night booked.  And the second night in Seattle, I was booked at an Air BnB with 5 other boudoir photographers.  This is when my nerves set in.  I didn’t know any of these women.

As I boarded the plane to fly to Seattle from Virginia, I really got nervous.  We had a plan.  We were going to each get in front of the camera, and have our own session.  Do exactly what our clients do.  And I think I felt the exact same way my clients do.  Scared does not even begin to describe it.

Let’s just say that a room full of 6 boudoir photographers, dressed in lingerie, with cameras in hand is quite a site!  I felt beautiful.  I was so proud of myself for being vulnerable.  I get what each of my clients go through before a session with me.  I was posing, the girls were posing me, and I worked those cameras!  It was an experience like no other!

Thanks to all the rockstar photographers who photographed me and allowed me to share the experience with them.  These girls are now lifelong friends and colleagues and I am grateful for all we learned together!  The time shooting with them allowed me to practice some of the skills from my workshop and posing learned from my girl Jen Rosenbaum.  Since becoming good friends with Jen, she has taught me so much about living shamelessly and embracing my femininity.  And I think I nailed it!

Getting ready to be photographer by five boudoir photographers in Seattle at Matt Mathews boudoir workshop
I am in Seattle. I am here with five stunning women. We just did our own boudoir marathon. I feel gorgeous! Like legit gorgeous...it doesn't get better than this.
It went down today.  Six boudoir photographers all shooting each other in a marathon shootout.  Such a perfect afternoon.  I felt gorgeous.  I cannot wait to see the final results.  We rocked Seattle today!
I just experienced being in front of the camera. And not just one...there were 5 cameras on me! But it was amazing...what are you waiting for?
Practice what you preach...everyone says it. And I am doing it....going down in 5…4...3...2...1
Lashes and lips! Here we go!
Hillary West Boudoir in Seattle
Hillary West Boudoir in Seattle
Hillary West boudoir photography taken by BrookeChamplin.com
Hillary West boudoir photography taken by BrookeChamplin.com
Hillary West boudoir photography taken by BrookeChamplin.com

Thank you Brooke for the awesome photos and making me extremely comfortable.  https://brookechamplin.com

Hillary West boudoir photography taken by Haley http://elizabethurbanphotography.com
Hillary West boudoir photography taken by Megan http://www.meganephotography.com/boudoirhome
Hillary West boudoir photography taken by Megan http://www.meganephotography.com/boudoirhome

I love the way you made me feel Megan, thank you for helping me feel confident and sexy!

©2017 Valerie Visser Photography LLC
©2017 Valerie Visser Photography LLC

Valerie, you were so wonderful during our night together!


Hillary West boudoir photography taken by Dana http://fromtheheartphotographybydana.zenfolio.com

I enjoyed our time together Dana! http://fromtheheartphotographybydana.zenfolio.com

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I am a body positive boudoir photographer based in Norfolk, Virginia. Since 2015, I have been empowering women, and sometimes men, to embrace their bodies and celebrate their unique beauty through photography. My passion for boudoir photography stems from my own struggles with body image and self-acceptance. I believe that everyone has the right to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, regardless of their size, shape, or imperfections. My goal is to create a safe and inclusive space for my clients to express themselves and feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am dedicated to helping my clients see themselves in a new light and feel proud of who they are.