5 Secrets to Rock Your Boudoir Session!

5 Secrets to Rock Your Boudoir Session!

Hey there! Everyone wants to have the most amazing time during their boudoir session- all the things go smoothly, the pictures come out banging, and you leave with the biggest boost of confidence ever!! This, all of this, is my goal for you. And I have FIVE ways to help you make sure your session is flawless. Here we go….

 1. Choose the right photographer!

You have so many choices.  Which is a good thing!!  You can find the one that you match with the best.  Make sure that you resonate with their story and personality.  Be sure that their photography style is what you want.  Check their pricing to make sure it is what you are prepared for.  As you chat with them, ask your questions.  Your photographer will make you feel heard, know what you want, and be able to answer ALL the questions you have.  You should feel comfortable talking about your expectations and excited for your session to come!

wet boudoir shoot with a cut up tank top

2. Develop a Plan!

One of the best ways to feel calm on your session day and know that your confidence is up there is to talk about what sets you want to use, what kind of outfits you want to wear, what you want the vibe of your session to feel like with your photographer before your session.  You both should be on the same page about your expectations.  Know what accessories you want to bring- you can always make final decisions on your session day.  Make sure you have talked about what kinds of poses you like and don’t like.  Also touch on what outfit styles you prefer and which products you are interested in.  This helps make sure that I capture exactly what you want!

implied nude boudoir photographer at Hillary West Studios with green sheets and a woman with tattoos

3. Schedule all the Pre-Session Sampering YOU Want!

You know you want to do this, so why not pamper yourself a little more before you arrive?  Make sure that you are drinking lots of water, so your skin is well hydrated.  Want to get a mani-pedi?  This is a great time to do that!  Need to get a trim or refresh your color on your hair?  Do it!  You will love your pictures even more!  Take some time to relax, spend some time on you and get ready for your session!


4. Choose outfits you love!

Want to wear the strappiest lingerie?  Bring it!  Prefer a comfy tank and a cute boy short?  Let’s do it!  Is a slip dress the thing that makes you feel the most confident?  Then it better be in your bag!  You only have to wear what you want.  And you only have to undress to your comfort level.  Bring outfits that you feel great in!  Try them on and keep them if you love them.  How you feel about your outfit will show on your face and in your pose, no matter how much I coach you.  And bring a variety of things.  It will make your album more versatile!

sexy woman with sexy eyes laying on the floor with see-through top

5. No matter what, be gentle with yourself.

How you speak to yourself directly reflects into your body language.  So give yourself some grace.  Know that your story is what shaped you and it still carries you.  We learn something from every experience and this one will be no different.  But showing yourself kindness and grace will go a long way.

Are you ready to book your session and boost your confidence? You’ve got this.  And I have you.  Let’s do it.

Want to go ahead and schedule your experience?  Click the link below to schedule your experience and pay your session fee.  Once paid, I'll be touch with you to set up your prep-call.

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