A Guide to Wet T-Shirt Boudoir Photography

A Wet shirt boudoir photography photo shoot is a perfect way to celebrate your confidence and beauty in a uniquely captivating way as well as give a kick ass gift! Whether you’re looking to create a special gift for a partner or simply want to do something bold and beautiful for yourself, this style of photography offers an opportunity to embrace and express your sensuality in a truly stunning way. Trust me when I say that this is the perfect gift! My husband looks at the pictures I gave him all the time, so it's a gift that keeps giving.

wet tank top and neon lights

If you’re considering a wet t-shirt boudoir photoshoot, I would love to help you create a set of images that you’ll cherish forever. Let’s embark on this journey together and capture the essence of your unique beauty through the lens.

woman in a wet cut up tank top pressing against a plexiglass shower door during a boudoir session with Hillary West in Norfolk Virginia
Bathtub boudoir pose

My studio is located in the Chelsea district of West Ghent, Norfolk near Orapax Restaurant and Bar and Smartmouth Brewing Company.

hot woman with a wet cut up tank top wearing pasties during a boudoir session with Hillary West Studios